Living Green On A Budget

Many that lean toward the green movement believe that it is too costly going green.  Though we are in the midst of a recession let me show you how living green on a budget is possible. 
We are all interested in saving money so I will be here to give you green living tips.  There are things you can do that will save you money as well as help the environment.
The first tip you can benefit from is to change a light bulb.  Change to CFL bulbs.  If you could make an impact on the environment by changing a light bulb you would want to do that wouldn't you? The average CFL will save its owner at least $55 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb!  If every U.S. household replaced one bulb with a CFL, it would have the same impact as removing 1.3 million cars from the road.  This is a green living tip that will not only impact the planet but put money in your pocket. 

My goal is to help each of you that want to go green do so and disspell the myth that it costs a fortune to do so.

Living Green On A Budget Tip # 2

My green living tip for today is to use a regular camera instead of a disposable camera.  If you take as few as 24 pictures a month you can save $144 a year.  As most of us take a lot more pictures than that we can save a lot more.  The landfills will be cleaner and your wallet will be fatter, it's a win/win situation. 
Check back daily at living green on a budget to incorporate living green into your life.

Living Green On A Budget Tip 3

The green living tip today if for those living in apartments or small spaces. Many of us love to garden but have no room to do so.  Having a window box garden full of fresh herbs is a perfect way to show off your green thumb and have fresh products for cooking. 

Living Green On A Budget will be bringing you more tips so come back to see us often.